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This is Kumar Brajesh. I am founder of  blog OnlyMoneytalk.com.

brajesh onlymoneytalk
Yahh!! That’s me

I started this because of my interest in personal finance, money saving and zeal to earn some thing extra. While starting  my corporate career or more precisely when I started earning paychecks, I realized It is really hard to find a proper source from where you can know the even fundamentals on money saving and Investing.

Be it on saving taxes, understanding the finance world terminology, beginning roller-coaster  journey of investment, scary world of stocks or making old age shopping tagline “Cheap and Best” true.

I used to spent hours looking to right people and right content that will genuinely be helpful to my finance decision. I don’t want to keep all those leaning and tricks to myself only, rather I hope my input become instrumental in people’s financial decision and they get benefited too.

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